Sergio et Sergei

Ernesto Daranas Serrano
Cuba  |  2018  |  93 min.

As the Soviet Union crumbles in 1991, an amateur radio operator in Cuba makes unexpected contact with stranded cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev as he observes the dissolution of his nation from orbit, in Cuban director Ernesto Daranas Serrano's comedic yet poignant reflection on how big events can impact ordinary lives.

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Ernesto Daranas Serrano was born in Havana. His filmography includes Los últimos gaiteros de La Habana (2004), winner of the International Journalism Award Rey de España; Los dioses rotos (Fallen Gods, 2008), Cuba’s nomination for the Oscars and award-winner at several international film festivals; Bluechacha (2012), Latin Grammy® Nominee for Best Long Form Music Video and Conducta (Behavior, 2014), Cuba’s nomination for the Oscars and winner of over fifty awards in American, Asian and European film festivals.