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Shorts & Documentaries

Photo Mirelande 2.jpg


Philippe Passon

France | 2017  |  23 min.
Presented by the director 


Mirelande is a serious teenager, without any particular problems. But her life is not especially comfortable. She lives with her grandmother, her sister, and her younger brother in a poor neighborhood, close to Cayenne in Guyana. Mirelande has a lot of responsibility for her family, which comes from Haiti, and would like to see
them succeed.

She has to take care of the house and the younger kids, but she does so without complaining. She also takes her schoolwork rather seriously, but one day a disturbing event causes her to feel a sentiment of injustice and pushes her to revolt, changing her relationship to authority.


Philippe Passon. In Guyane since 2005, he participated in various feature film productions as an actor. He was inspired by the richness of the décors and the people he met in the region to turn his talents to making short fiction films and short documentaries. His most recent short, Mirelande, won the Prize for Best Short 2018 at the Antilles-Guyana Short Film Festival

E Mirelnde

Symphonie Ka-Raïbe

Steve and Stéphanie James

Guadeloupe | 26 min.
Presented by Stéphanie and Steve James

Traditional music from Guadeloupe, Gwo Ka was for a long time considered by many to be popular music, in the least flattering of terms, suitable only to be played in sugar cane fields or ghettos. Today, it is a strong symbol of the island’s cultural identity, and Memorial Acte, the largest museum in the world dedicated to black history and slavery, hosted a residency of exceptional artists, where the tambours are accompanied by a symphonic orchestre. An artistic challenge and highly symbolic moment that brought the best musicians in the Caribbean to  Guadeloupe.

Steve and Stéphanie James are above all a couple of “rooted nomads,” deeply attached to their native Caribbean but who globe trot continually... their heads in the clouds! In order to share their love of the Caribbean region with others, they opted for the art of the image, and especially the image of women in their televised magazine F Comme Femme (144 portraits shot in 40 countries) for which they traveled extensively around the world to find exceptional women who are international ambassadors of Caribbean culture.

They have also written, produced, and directed documentaries that have been screened in numerous international festivals, winning the Special Prize of the Public for The Black Mozart In Cuba (Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles 2011) and the Prize for the Best Diaspora Documentary for Fan Do Brazil (Africa Movie Academy Awards, Nigeria, 2013), the Prize for Best Francophone Documentary TV5 Monde for Le Gardien du Non-retour (FEMI 2017), and the Special Prize of the Public for Coeur d'Ayiti (Cinestar International Film Festival 2018).

E Symphonie
Visuel Tommie Smith.jpg

Tommie Smith
A True Legend

Steve and Stéphanie James

Guadeloupe | 26 min.

Presented by Stéphanie and Steve James

This film is the story of a meeting, the meeting between a man and an island, a man who made history and an island that welcomed him as one of its own. It is the story of a meeting between one of the greatest athletes of all time and an island recognized as a land of champions. But Tommie Smith is perhaps better remembered for his silent gesture, as political as it was revolutionary, than for his impressive world records. 

Forty-eight years after he lifted his black-gloved fist into the air at the Olympics in Mexico in 1968, in protest against racial discrimination, had this hateful sentiment disappeared from the sports arena, from the world? What imprint did this giant leave on our island, and what imprint did our island leave in the heart of this giant. This film is the story of a meeting, because it deserves being told, quite simply.

E Tommie

Rencontres chorégraphiques 
autour de la Grande Diwali

Steve and Stéphanie James

Guadeloupe | 15 min.

Presented by Stéphanie and Steve James

Diwali, the festival of light, celebrated by Hindus all over the world, symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. In Trinidad, where the Indian diaspora represents half of the population, it is a national holiday shared by all of the ethnic groups that live on the island. This cultural mix produced an exceptional dancer who came to discover how Diwali is celebrated in Guadeloupe, and there met Léna Blou, and her Techni'ka.  

E Diwali
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